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Over the years, people who knew me back when I was facing adversity and having a tough time, asked me how I was able to turn my life around to become the most successful Native American entrepreneur in America. This book is the result of my own quest to become a better person. I have spent 30 years researching this incredible gold mine of life changing treasures of wisdom! This jam-packed book is filled with proven, simple, easy-to-follow advice for achieving what you may have only dreamed about! Don't wait! Get started NOW!… live a richly rewarding life that is filled with passion, achievement, and success.

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Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The One Minute Millionaire

Famous Dave Anderson is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary message. His heart is solid gold and the information in his book, LifeSkills for Success is just as valuable!

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Gene Kranz, NASA Team Leader “Tiger Team” Mission Control Apollo 13 and New York Times Best Selling Author, “Failure Is Not An Option!”

All profits from the sale of this book are being donated to support the work of The Lifeskills Center for Leadership,
a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with youth.